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An Argument for Said
Before reading on, I want to make it clear that I only make this argument for writings of the English language. Although it may apply to others as well, I've learned through the comments below that at least in German and Russian this principle is reversed. So unless you're planning to write in English, you should look to writers of your own language for guidance.
An Argument for Said
When writing dialogue, it is necessary to use dialogue tags, which are the phrases that identify who's speaking. They're pretty easy to recognize once you know what they are. Here are a few examples, with the tags in bold.
    "Canoodle is a funny word," she said.

    "I'll have two beers, one schnitzel," he slurred.

    "Don't drink the Kool-Aid," she whispered.
Look familiar? Simply put, they're "he/she said" and all its synonyms. Moving on.
When you're writing, you obviously want to
:iconinkfish7:Inkfish7 191 162
The How To's of Dialogue: Grammar and Otherwise
When writing dialogue, it's easy to get confused as to what's proper grammar and what isn't. This is no surprise when considering all the variables involved, but not to worry. I'm going to go over the rules and variables of dialogue right now so you can clearly understand the do's and dont's. 
This guide has eight sections:
- Basic Dialogue
- Using other Identifiers
- Actions as Replacement Identifiers
- Interrupting Dialogue
- Using Ellipses, Hyphens, and Dashes
- Paragraphing 
- Long-Winded Dialogue
- Italics (Expanded: 5-1-12)
- One Last use of Italics (New: 5-1-12)
Basic Dialogue:
Example A1:
The man said, "Pass me the cricket bat."
The woman said, "I don't think I will."
- Observations:
     1) A comma after "said," before the quotation mark.
     2) The first letter of dialogue is capitalized since it is the first word of a vocalized sentenc
:iconinkfish7:Inkfish7 249 116
Writing Better Character Descriptions
Writing Better Character Descriptions
We writers have a particularly tough job: bringing nonexistent people (our characters) to life in our readers’ imaginations. While it’s never easy, we usually accomplish this magic by writing each character with two qualities in mind:
1) Their personality
2) Their physical appearance
Personality is usually expressed through characterization, and appearance through physical description. Admittedly, that doesn't sound so complicated.
But there are two things I’ll suggest today: first, that description needs to do more than just craft appearance, and second, it’s good characterization, more than anything, that’s the key to conjuring vivid characters.
Character Description:
Let’s take a look at the following example.
1) When I entered Mr. Smith's office, he stood from his desk and smiled. He had a big nose, brown eyes, and short, blond hair. He wore a dark suit. I shook his hand.
What can you tel
:iconinkfish7:Inkfish7 3,009 588
Mundo No Takoyaki by Tabnir Mundo No Takoyaki :icontabnir:Tabnir 5,137 272 Tree of Destiny. by el-grimlock Tree of Destiny. :iconel-grimlock:el-grimlock 2,230 75




I am an artist/writer always open to new work opportunities in my field. I have worked as an artist at IUGO and in a QA & leader/point of contact capacity for over 2 years in the game industry.

I like my daughter, my sweet and awesome boyfriend, books, MMOs, the internet, coffee and sweets. I dislike gender roles. :P

My old gallery:
DA portfolio:
Test website1:

Website (main)
I've already posted and started doing this elsewhere, but I guess I should have my price list and details here as well. :)

I am accepting commissions!  Mostly GW2 related (art of your in-game characters, nothing smutty or crazy though).

GW2 forum thread about my commissions:…

I am also accepting commissions of player-designed characters from other games that allow customization of your character.

(with discounted early-bird sale prices valid if you reserve a spot by the end of March as I am currently working on a backlog of smaller commissions from another forum until next weekend).

Sketch/Speedpainting with Simple BG
– bust $40 ~on sale $30
– half body $55 ~ on sale $40
– full body $70 ~ on sale $60

Full Color & Polished Drawing/Painting with Simple BG
-bust $70 ~on sale $55
-half body $90 ~on sale $75
– full body (not currently doing these due to time involved)

+ detailed BG or extra characters subject to additional fees, on a case by case basis (note that I am a lot less likely to take these sorts of commissions at this time… unless I’m heavily bribed muahaha! jk... not jk.)

In-game-gold equivalent of those prices (in Guild Wars 2) is totally accepted, just calculate the cash-to-gems-to-gold rate for a ballpark figure, otherwise the orders should be real life $$ and the transaction will be through paypal. 


Order Form:
Type of art requested (Sketch or painting, bust or half body etc.):
Screenshot(s) of character (include closeup of face):
Form of payment ($$ or GW2 gold):
Special notes (if any):



OR on facebook (if you are someone I already know and have added, from one group or another).

Contact through the GW2 forums is also acceptable; my username is Zelkai.3562

NOTE: if you see my artwork advertised anywhere ---other than here, my personal website (, the GW2 forums under the name Zelkai.3562 or on facebook; please contact me, as it is not me. Artwork produced by me is not for resale and I'm also not selling prints anywhere other than the places I've just mentioned.  I'm am doing personal commissions only; art for commercial purposes will be treated as such and I will be using industry standard pricing, copyright and licensing.

Once in touch, I will ask further details about your art request and we can hammer out the details. :)


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